Experience True Relaxation

Children's Wellbeing Products

Let your child experience relaxation like never before with our range of wellbeing products, specifically designed with children in mind.

Christmas elves everywhere will love kicking off their boots and relaxing with Elf Eyes, the wonderful self-heating eye mask or will sleep easy with a quick spritz of the Sleepy Elf relaxing pillow spray. No matter which of our products your child might want to try, we assure you that it will transport them from the fun festivities into heavenly relaxation.

Brought to you by Sensory Retreats, a company with strong links to self-heating technology, your child couldn’t be in better hands as they embark on a sensory journey to delight their senses. 

The Elfland Product Range Is Exclusively Available From Our Friends At Sensory Retreats

Elf Eyes No Background

Elf Eyes

Eye Masks

Create a magical experience for children as these eye masks heat up when placed over their eyes.

Helping to calm and relax overactive minds when excitement is high.

Perfect for Christmas Eve boxes and stocking fillers, helping the whole family relax and sleep the night before Santa comes!

50p from every purchase of the Elf Eyes box is donated to:

Sleepy Elf

Relaxing Pillow Spray

Prepare to calm and relax senses before bedtime with our Sleepy Elf Pillow Mist containing a soothing blend of pure and dreamy essential oils including lavender, eucalyptus and patchouli.

The 100% natural fragrance pillow mist is perfectly balanced to help your child unwind, slow down and prepare for sleep.

Encourage your child to breathe in deeply and inhale the relaxing and restful properties as they prepare to drift off and enjoy a deep sensory sleep experience.

Sleepy Elf

Relaxing Pulse Point Oil

This special Sleepy Elf Relaxing Pulse Point oil contains a complex blend of essential oils perfect for applying in moments of excitement or anxiety, after a busy day of play or in moments of heightened stress.

Ideal for children of all ages to encourage a more restful nights’ sleep.

The rollerball can also be used while listening to our Sleepy Elf guided meditation, designed to help busy bodies and minds unwind.

Elf Eyes Mask for Guided Meditation

Sleepy Elf

Guided Meditation

A dreamy visualisation to help your little elf relax and unwind the body before sleep.

Meet Remi, the Sleepy Elf, as you go on a magical sleep journey together narrated by Natalie Samuel. On this guided visualisation track you’ll enjoy a tour of the Sleep Elf’s garden and meet some of their friends as you drift off to peaceful sleep.

Perfectly paired with our Elf Eyes self-heating eye masks, your child will be helped to drift off peacefully.

Buddy Soft Toy (1)

Buddy - The Lost Wish

Cute & Cuddly Plush Toy

Meet Buddy, Siena’s faithful and loyal companion from The Lost Wish book.

This super soft and squishy plush toy is made for hugs and playtime. Take Buddy everywhere with you as you adventure together day and night.

Just like in the book, let Buddy be your most loyal friend and protector. Just squeeze him tight, and Buddy will always be by your side, on hand to protect you no matter what.

Elf Eyes Limited Edition Gift Box (1)

Elf Eyes

Limited Edition Gift Box

Our limited edition Elf Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask gift set is a wonderful treat for children at Christmas, giving them the power to relax and sleep better as well as enjoy some magic at home with our stunning wooden wish wand.

The whole family will enjoy relaxing with one of these wonderful self-heating eye masks that will transport you from the fun festivities into heavenly relaxtion.

Created for children but suitable for the whole family!

Elfland Wooden Wish Wand


Magical Wish Wand

The magical Elfland Wish want is the perfect gift for wannabe wizards and little elves, pixies, fairies, or just anyone who believes in the power of the imagination to bring dreams and magic to life.

Your child can use the beautiful beechwood wand to bring the Elf Eyes self-heating mask to life. Simply tap the packet 3 times with the wand as they repeat the magic words, “Elf Eyes come alive, sparkle and shine, warm up and be mine.”