Our Seasonal & Elemental

Elfland Elves

Seasonal Elves


Spring is busy and joyful. She is a confident and optimistic elf who revels in the woodland as it returns to life after the long Winter months. She loves to explore as the sun begins to warm Elfland once more and the last of the snow melts away. Spring is responsible for waking all the woodland creatures who choose to curl up and sleep through the coldest weather. She visits each of them in their hideaway homes and gently shakes them awake. As she goes, she chants spells that bring the flowers and the buds on the trees to life. Spring works with Clay to ensure that the woodland is soon ready to burst with colour and light.


Summer is carefree and relaxed; a happy elf who enjoys the long hours of warm sunshine and the
flickering shade of the woodland trees. She is always active and loves to run barefoot through forest
clearings or tumble through lush meadow grass. Summer’s magic launches beautiful butterflies and
busy bees that pollinate the woodland flowers. She works with River to make sure that the woodland
receives exactly the right balance of sunshine and rain. Together, their spells help the berries and fruits
of the forest ripen and the wildflowers bloom in a riot of colour. She visits the gardens of the woodland
elves to make sure that they have plenty of vegetables to harvest and eat.


Autumn is thoughtful and wise; a gentle elf with a deep connection to the woodland. Her magic helps to ensure that Elfland fruits are at their most delicious and ready for harvesting. Autumn is always keen to learn. She studies the woodland carefully and she is an expert at foraging and tracking. As the weather cools and the days get shorter, she can be found venturing through the trees with her basket looking for nuts and berries to share with her woodland friends who will soon be hibernating. Autumn’s spells turn the trees to burnished gold and fiery red and make spider’s webs sparkle with dew. Together with Blaze, she makes sure that the forest floor is alive with the bug and beetle life so important for healthy soil and growth. Autumn brings a feeling of calm to the Elfland woods.


Winter is quiet but kind; she does look forward to the seasonal celebrations and takes delight in the joy of others. Every year, her magic brings feather-like snowflakes drifting down through the trees of the Elfland woods. Her spells wrap everything in a soft white blanket and send sunlight dancing across frosted tree trunks and branches. She watches over the hibernating woodland creatures and ensures they are tucked up tight in nice warm beds. Together with Skylar, she looks out for the few animals who are still busy through the short winter days. Winter brings a promise of laughter and joy and her
loving spells bring families together at such a special time of year.

Elemental Elves


Clay is thoughtful and caring. He loves getting his boots muddy and dirt under his fingernails. He is at his happiest when digging and planting and bringing new life to a garden, a patch of soil or an un-loved plant pot. Clay is reassuring and calm and he finds it so relaxing to be close to nature and deep in the Elfland woods. He gets huge satisfaction from seeing people and nature flourish.
He knows all about plants and vegetables and how important they are for our health, the health of our environment and all the creatures we share it with. His favourite time of year is Spring when plants and flowers awake from their long winter slumber.


Skylar is adventurous and energetic. He loves a challenge and he loves to encourage others to have a go. If there’s a rope swing around or a tree to be climbed, you can bet that Skylar will be there. He’s always raring to go, frequently laughing and out of breath, with rosy cheeks and delight in his eyes. If you’re eagle-eyed, you
will often spot him, racing through the woodland on the hunt for his next adventure. Skylar knows all about birds and he’s fascinated by things that fly. He knows how important it is to get out in the open air and to find space and time for fun! His favourite time of year is Winter when crisp air pinches his cheeks but his energy keeps him warm.


Blaze is warm and welcoming. He likes nothing more than to gather with his friends and family and share laughter and happy memories with people he loves. He’s a super team worker, an excellent listener and gentle with his advice. He knows the importance of being together with others but also of having time to himself sometimes, to rest and to think and just bathe in the sounds of the woodland. His favourite time of year is Autumn when darkness falls and the light of a cosy fire is so comforting.
Blaze is very knowledgeable about science and all the different trees and mini-beasts who make the
woodland floor their home.


River loves exploring. He’s inquisitive and adores spending time by a lake, on a seashore or riverbank where there is so much to see and do. Whether stomping through puddles in his welly boots or dangling his toes in a cool woodland stream, you’ll always find River enjoying getting wet! He loves how rainy days give life to the woodland and how rivers and streams shape the landscape. River knows all about water safety and he’s worked hard to become an excellent swimmer. He has so much knowledge about the amazing creatures that live in our rivers and streams and he cares about making sure they have clean
water to live in. River’s favourite season is Summer when stretching out in the shade near the gentle sound of a burbling stream can relieve all of your stress and worries.