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Welcome to Elfland UK, where imagination has no limits and a world of adventure, fun and pure magic awaits…..if you just believe!

Elfland UK is an online portal bursting with wonderful wellbeing gifts and ideas for kids alongside woodland adventures and outdoor activity days to help you surrender to your inner elf.

Elfland UK is designed to encourage children (and their parents alike) to discover and surrender to their inner elf as they embark on a sensory journey to delight their senses. Part reality and part imagination, Elfland UK encourages kindness and creativity and supports wellbeing wishes.


The Lost Wish Book

Discover The Lost Wish by Clare Anderson and Emily Jacobs, illustrated by Emma Kurran, where imagination is limitless, and pure adventure awaits. It’s a tale guaranteed to excite and inspire young readers everywhere.

Set off on a remarkable journey through a mystical land! Join Siena, a bright and brave little girl, who one stormy night, steps through a magical archway and into Elfland; a thrilling world of friendly elves, dangerous dragons, flying pixies and talking rats! Discover what adventure awaits her.


The Lost Wish Book is Out Now!

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The Lost Wish Prequel

The Lost Heart Stone

Venture into the magical world of Elfland and follow the exploits of Gizmo, a little dragon, and his friends. The Lost Heart Stone is a prequel to The Lost Wish, published in 2022.

On this new woodland adventure, we’re introduced to wonderful characters, including a very cheeky squirrel, an excitable rabbit, and two clever elves.

It’s perfect for bedtime reading and includes two free downloads: the audio version read by Sim Crowther and Remi’s Sleepy Elf visualisation, narrated by sleep expert Natalie Samuel, to help the listener drift into a deep and restful sleep.

This inspiring children’s fantasy adventure book combines strong underlying wellbeing messages, supporting the importance of kindness and friendship by introducing relatable character traits that children can connect with.

“Today’s life is fast-paced, even for our little ones. Sensory overload, stress and burnout are happening more and more frequently.

That’s why we wanted to create Elfland UK – a kids wellbeing portal with a range of sensory-based products that ignite but also recharge (not overload) children’s delicate senses.”

- Clare Anderson, Founder

Surrender To Your Senses

Elfland Wellbeing Products

Experience relaxation like never before. Christmas elves everywhere will love kicking off their boots and relaxing with one of these wonderful Elf Eyes self-heating eye masks and Sensory Retreats full range of Elfland products that will transport you from the fun festivities into heavenly relaxation.


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Elf Eyes

Self-Heating Eye Masks

Buddy Soft Toy (1)

Buddy - The Lost Wish

Cute & Cuddly Plush Toy

Encourage Deep Relaxation

Remi The Sleepy Elf

Remi is Elfland’s very own Sleepy Elf, keeper of the grand sleep secret! As such, Remi has a very important role to play, helping children everywhere relax, rest, reset and experience a blissful and re-energising nights sleep.

Remi, the Sleepy Elf, has been designed to help children, through the power of their imagination, to reconnect with the world around them, using the healing power of kindness, mindfulness and nature to simultaneously relax but also recharge over-stimulated bodies and minds. The result, a better night’s sleep for everyone.

Remi the Sleepy Elf