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Welcome to Elfland UK, where imagination has no limits and a world of adventure, fun and pure magic awaits…..if you just believe!

Elfland UK is an online portal bursting with wonderful wellbeing gifts and ideas for kids alongside playful activity ideas to help you surrender to your inner elf.

Elfland UK is designed to encourage children (and their parents alike) to discover and surrender to their inner elf as they embark on a sensory journey to delight their senses. Part reality and part imagination, Elfland UK encourages kindness and creativity and supports wellbeing wishes.


The Elfland Book Series

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Elfland, a captivating book series that transports readers into a magical world beyond imagination. Crafted by Clare Anderson, Emily Jacobs & Sim Crowther these tales unveil a land brimming with ancient forests, ethereal creatures, and spellbinding wonders.

The Elfland series weaves an intricate tapestry of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery, where heroes rise, darkness looms, and the power of dreams can shape destiny itself.

“What a fabulous book for children and adults too! A fantastic, spell binding story which has been crafted and written so beautifully. Truly magical! The whole concept of well-being, the importance of self care and kindness to others which is beneficial to everyone runs through this story like a beautiful golden light!

- Anastasia, Amazon

“For a first story this was a great book, the story flowed well, the characters were engaging, and kept you turning the pages, you’d never know this was the author’s first time being published! The mindfulness and wellness morals that permeate the story throughout are so on point with the current challenges our population faces and getting these ideals across to kids as early as possible is to be commended. 

- Philip D, Amazon

“A beautifully written and illustrated story for the whole family to enjoy. We especially liked the fact that the book touched on mental health issues that we face as a society that sometimes can be difficulty to talk about. I recommend that this book will transport your imagination young or old on a roller coaster of an adventure. You won’t be disappointed.

- Kerry, Amazon

Surrender To Your Senses

Elfland Products

Support your children’s overall wellbeing with our Elfland collection that prioritises their happiness and growth.

Taking inspiration from our Elfland book series, we have collaborated with world renowned wellbeing brand, Sensory Retreats, to curate a collection of wellbeing products designed specifically for children. Providing calming tools like self-heating eye masks to aid in a peaceful bedtime routine, and costumes and wish wands to help bring the Elfland book series to life!

Surrender To Your Senses

Elfland Wellbeing Products

Elf Eyes No Background

Elf Eyes

Self-Heating Eye Masks

Buddy Soft Toy (1)

Buddy - The Lost Wish

Cute & Cuddly Plush Toy