Your Elf Adventure Awaits In

The Lost Wish

Join Siena, her loyal loving dog Buddy, and her best friend Gabi as they inadvertently set off on a remarkable journey through a mystical land that’s filled with adventures.

Siena is a bright and brave little girl, who, one cold and wintry night, steps with Buddy and Gabi through a magical archway into Elfland. Along their journey, they encounter friendly elves, dangerous dragons, flying pixies and talking rats as they set upon an important mission to find The Lost Wish and with it, save the dreams of a thousand children.

The Lost Wish has been written for young readers aged 5+. A wonderful book for parents, caregivers and older siblings to read together and will appeal to children of all ages.

Your Woodland Adventure In The

Lost Heart Stone

Join Gizmo the dragon on this magical adventure through the Elfland woods and learn all about the importance of kindess, teamwork, friendship and forgiveness.

The Lost Heart Stone is a brand new rhyming adventure story for children aged 4-7. It’s the second story in the Elfland series and a prequel to The Lost Wish.

This inspiring children’s fantasy story conveys important wellbeing messages and weaves a thread of kindness, friendship and forgiveness. It’s perfect for encouraging relaxing bedtimes and ideally structured for read out loud.

Buddy Box Exclusive

The Lost Christmas Wish

The Lost Christmas Wish is the third story in the Elfland UK book series. It’s the heart-warming tale of Buddy, a little Elfland puppy with a VERY big dream.

A colourful Christmas picture book for children aged 4+, available exclusively in the Sensory Retreats, Buddy’s Christmas Treat Box. includes everything children need to experience the true spirit of Christmas during the festive season. It’s jam-packed with games, puzzles and activities all the family will love.

Available to order now!

The Story Begins Here

Meet The Characters

The Lost Wish Characters - Eve


Courageous, kind and honest. Brimming with positivity and a sense of adventure.

The Lost Wish Characters - Buddy


Siena’s loyal and loving pet. Boundless energy and always alert to danger…and fun!

The Lost Wish Characters - Noelle


Excitable and full of wonder. She’s a loyal friend with a heart of gold.

The Lost Wish Characters - Cookie


Amazing baker! She runs the famous Sweet Treats Cafe…and hates rats!

The Lost Wish Characters - Pretzel


The Sweet Treat Cafe’s pastry chef, he is easy-going and loves to sign and dance.

The Lost Wish Characters - Perrie


Wise and beautiful Perrie with excellent flying skills. Diminishing Dust and Growth Glitter expert.

The Lost Wish Characters - Eleuia


The guardian of children’s wellness wishes. Kind, clever and famous throughout Elfland.

The Lost Wish Characters - Gizmo


Colour-changing dragon. Wish list hunter and airborne rescuer.

The Lost Wish Characters - Coletta


An elf consumer by jealousy. Her own spell backfired and turned her into a goblin.

The Lost Wish Characters - Bow


Apprentice at the Leaf Factory and Eleuia’s biggest fan. Caring, sensitive and eagle-eyed!

The Lost Wish Characters - Mr Arwin

Mr Arwin

Christmas stall holder, keeper of the Elfland map and wisest elf in the Wellness Woods.

The Lost Wish Characters - Lester


Elfland ticket collector and reluctant guide. Sometimes grumpy, especially when he’s hungry…which is quite often.

The Lost Wish Characters - Genie


Brilliant Elfland engineer and inventor. The only Elf authorised to drive Santa’s sleigh.

The Lost Wish Characters - Bing & Tinsel

Bing & Tinsel

Cheeky twins. They look after the sorting office portal where children’s wishes arrive. Bing is fluent in every language of the world and Tinsel is very intuitive. She can sense the emotions of others.

The Lost Wish Characters - Beanie


Genie’s energetic pet. Rat botherer and Christmas gift delivery expert.

The Lost Wish Characters - Santa


World famous Christmas icon and Elfland celebrity. He needs no introduction!

The Lost Wish Characters - Remi


Elfland Sleepy Elf – the keep of the grand sleep secret! The Sleep Elf’s mesmerising voice helps children everywhere relax, rest and have the best sleep ever!

The Lost Wish Characters - Miss Clarke

Miss Clarke

Siena and Gabi’s art teacher. Loves her pupils and all their amazing creativity.

The People Behind The Magic

Meet The Authors

Clare Anderson

The Lost Wish is the vision of Clare Anderson, Founder of Sensory Retreats. Clare has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years and is a passionate advocate of the importance of complete wellbeing for mind, body and soul.

Sensory Retreats is the multi-award winning wellness brand, home to the self-heating eye mask range, featured on ITV This Morning and winner of a coveted 2022 ASOS Beauty award. It retails a collection of holistic wellbeing products and is driven by a passion to deliver multi-sensory, self-curated experiences, with relaxation at their core.

Clare’s ultimate wish is that children, alongside their parents, will be encouraged to not just sit down and read together but to reconnect with the world around them. She envisioned the Lost Wish as an enchanting and magical place where creativity and imagination could run wild and free and where.

Interwoven throughout The Lost Wish are positive affirmations and storytelling techniques designed to encourage kindness, mindfulness, resilience and independence. The book also reinforces the importance of self-belief, something which Clare believes is a powerful and necessary tool to succeed in business, and life.

Emily Jacobs

Emily Jacobs

Emily Jacobs is a Glasgow based writer with a BA in Fashion Business. In addition to being a columnist for Glasgow Girls Club, she has published two books, the second of which, The Raven and Rat, a fantasy adventure for children, was written initially as a story to read to her young daughters. Emily credits this with igniting her passion of writing for a younger audience.

Emily has featured in podcasts and on local radio stations promoting writing as a positive tool for mental health management. In fact, writing and reading has personally helped Emily through challenging times. The underlying messages inherent in The Lost Wish deeply resonate with her. Alongside writing The Lost Wish, Emily is currently implementing writing workshops in youth centres to help young adults express themselves through the creativity of writing.

She was overjoyed to be involved in The Lost Wish, writing a book she knew would touch the hearts of children and adults alike. The Lost Wish is so much more than just a story with memorable characters – it is woven with wellness messages and all the right ingredients to leave a positive impact on young readers.

Emily’s belief that the impossible is always possible and the ability to make magic happen is sprinkled throughout The Lost Wish.
Emma Kurran

Emma Kurran

Emma L. Kurran is a freelance illustrator. She originally trained as a 3D Character Animator with a background in fine art and theatre studies, before moving on to work as a Technical Animator in Visual Effects. Her film credits include Guardians of the Galaxy, Exodus: Of Gods and Kings and The Jungle Book.

Emma left the world of film production to become a freelance animator and illustrator, working on projects in advertising and retail, in addition to selling her own artwork.

As a keen reader herself, Emma leapt at the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book. Emma describes the project so far as being a whirlwind of activity, but the wellbeing message of The Lost Wish is something that is constant and integral throughout its production and this resonates deeply with Emma on a personal level.

Emma regularly participates in autism research and gives a yearly lecture at King’s College London on her personal experience of life as an autistic woman.

We’re delighted to have her on board, bringing the wonderful imaginary characters of The Lost Wish to colourful life with her detailed illustrations.
Simeon Crowther

Simeon Crowther

Simeon Crowther is a former communications director, rugby coach and primary school teacher. During his 13 year teaching career, Simeon was a subject and curriculum leader in Science and PE, and taught in a range of different primary school settings. He is now an editor, copywriter and communications consultant working in education and sport.

In the latter stages of his teaching career, Sim was increasingly concerned with issues around children’s physical and mental health. The Lost Wish book project was of particular interest with its powerful thread of wellbeing messages and its focus on the important qualities of empathy, kindness, and courage.

Sim has read thousands of texts to many hundreds of children and knows the power of a great story to fire the imagination, inspire play or encourage calm reflection.

We are hugely grateful for his insight, counsel and advice in the early stages of our journey and for his edits to the first manuscript of The Lost Wish.
Natalie Samuel

Natalie Samuel

Natalie Samuel is an experienced Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and the Founder of HelloHypnotherapy and NS Therapies. Her HelloHypnotherapy nighttime enlightenment downloadable audios, specifically designed to relax the mind and unwind the body before sleep, were an obvious complimentary element to add to the portfolio of Sensory Retreats self-heating eye mask range.

Natalie genuinely cares for each client she works with and enjoys the privilege of accompanying clients on their journey of self-discovery and healing.

Adopting a pluralistic approach to her work, Natalie uses a range of approaches (Person centred, Psychodynamic, CBT, ACT, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and Gestalt) to tailor the best course of treatment for the client. She works with adults and young people through individual and group workshop sessions in schools and privately to build life skills and heal past traumas.

Natalie is a key contributor to the wellbeing ethos behind The Lost Wish, having developed a bespoke Sleepy Elf meditation to accompany the story and the brands Elf Eyes self-heating sleep mask for children.

The Lost Wish Launch Event

Elfland Adventures

To celebrate the publication of The Lost Wish we created Elfland Adventures!

A selection of children were invited to come and experience the magic of nature and wellbeing which inspired the book.

The children were supported and encouraged to use their creativity and imagination as they were transported to a magical faraway land using the power of their minds. Writing wishes on leaves that flowed down streams and exciting adventure hunts to help unlock their love for nature, Elfland Adventures brought the concepts and characters of The Lost Wish to life.