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young girl wearing elf hat reading a book whilst laying on the grass
father, daughter and mother in a tent reading a book smiling at camera
group of children looking happy wearing green tshirts in woodlands
We created Elfland UK to turn dreams into a reality for children (and their parents) from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Today’s life is fast-paced. Even for our little ones. Sensory overload, stress and burnout are happening more and more frequently.

That’s why we wanted to create Elfland UK….. a kid’s wellbeing portal with a range of sensory-based products that ignite but also recharge (not overload) children’s delicate senses.

Whether you want to discuss our upcoming Elfland Adventure days, learn more about The Lost Wish Book or ask questions about our children’s wellbeing products – we are happy to help! It’s best to contact us via email, so click the button below and let’s start talking.
Clare Anderson (mother) and Siena Steadman (daughter) in woodlands
mother, father and daughter in woodlands looking at colourful cards
Young Girl with Elf Eyes Mask in Hammock with wooden wish wash and plush toy