Keeper of the grand sleep secret

Meet Remi

Introducing Remi, as featured in The Lost Wish Book, an enchanting and magical story set in the mystical Elfland where friendly elves, dangerous dragons, flying pixies and talking rats all live alongside eachother.

Remi is Elfland’s very own Sleepy Elf, keeper of the grand sleep secret! As such, Remi has a very important role to play, helping children everywhere relax, rest, reset and experience a blissful and re-energising nights sleep.

Remi has been designed to help children, through the power of their imagination to reconnect with the world around them, using the healing power of kindness, mindfulness and nature to simultaneously relax but also recharge over-stimulated bodies and minds.

Illustration of Remi Sleepy Elf

What Makes Remi Great?

Remi's Wellness Benefits

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The whole concept of Remi the Sleepy Elf is to encourage deep relaxation and recovery overnight as part of a range of sleep-inducing products that have been created specifically for young bodies and minds.

Remi protects and watches over its designated human and encourages deep and restorative sleep.
Illustration of Elf Eyes Eye Masks
The Lost Wish Illustrated Magical Elfland Wish Wand Casting a Spell

Remi has special telepathic powers, and the ability to transmit important messages between parents and children, encouraging fun and interactive play between the whole family.

Why Every Child Needs Remi

The Importance of Remi

Young boy sleeping in elf eyes mask

The importance
of sleep

Good quality and quantity of sleep is crucial, especially for children. Without adequate sleep, it has been proven that kids’ mental health can be significantly and detrimentally affected. This is particularly true if not enough REM sleep is achieved.

This is the time when the body and brain can relax, slow down and recover from the activities and excitement of the day. REM sleep helps to reduce the possibility of anxiety, depression and behavioural issues linked to attention deficit, lack of alertness and changes in mood. Conversely, a good amount of REM sleep can help boost resiliency if mental struggles do come about during the course of the day.
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What is
REM Sleep?

The name for Remi the Sleepy Elf is inspired by REM sleep, the stage of sleep where the mind is re-energised and vivid dreams frequently occur.

REM sleep is incredibly important, especially for children, as it has benefits for memory, learning as well as problem-solving.

To further encourage sleep, we have created a Sleepy Elf meditation which teaches children how to breathe and deeply relax and to tap into the recesses of their mind and imagination to unlock the power of consistent and improved sleep.

mother and daughter models with elf eyes mask

Sleepy Elf

Developed exclusively for Sensory Retreats by Natalie Samuel, the Sleepy Elf meditation is part of the Elfland UK and Sensory Retreats range of wellbeing products created specifically for children.

Designed as a dreamy visualisation, this meditation takes little elves on their own relaxing journey as they are encouraged, via the gentle lull of Natalie’s voice and clear step by step instructions, to follow Remi the Sleep Elf and discover the secret to the best night’s sleep.

On this guided visualisation Remi takes the listener on a magical tour of the enchanted Elfland, as your child drifts off into deep, restful and refreshing sleep.

“There are 5 key stages of sleep which the body goes through every night, each one lasting for 90-minutes with the cycle repeated 4-5 times per night. The fifth stage, REM (short for rapid eye movement) is the sleep stage when dreams occur.”

- Natalie Samuel, Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist