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It’s time to ditch the screens and get up close and personal with nature! Join us on an adventure as you discover your inner elf.

Experience a jam-packed kids’ activity adventure session based on the magical book, The Lost Wish by Clare Anderson and Emily Jacobs. This fun and interactive session combines treasure and scavenger-style hunts, basic outdoor skills, holistic wellbeing techniques and plenty of opportunity to explore the beautiful local forest surroundings. 

Elfland Adventure days will return in Autumn 2023!

Enjoy the great outdoors

Learn new skills and make friends during our Elfland Adventure days set in
Evenley Wood Garden.

Get interactive with nature

Make, craft, create! There are no screens in Elfland making it the perfect day out
for children.

Take Home Some
Elf Eyes

Relax after your busy session with some free gifts including a pair of Sensory Retreats Self-Heating Eye Masks. Bliss!

Elsie and Jerome really loved their Elfland Adventure! They asked if they can do it again next year! Best bit was the giant marshmallow (of course!). They loved the elf eyes and have used them again too several times, with the relaxing meditation. Also walking around on wood adventures...


Seeing my children become at one with nature and an introduction to mindfulness was a magical experience. My four year old son has now become an expert mushroom spotter! We had a wonderful experience.


Such a magical day exploring! Aria (9) and Leo (5) especially loved being outdoors, roasting marshmallows and the meditation at the end. As soon as we got in the car to come home they asked if we could come the next day!


Elfland is a magical experience from start to finish. We had an absolutely amazing time here, the setting was enchanting and the activities were really fun and kept all the children engaged. The staff are absolutely amazing!


Connect With Nature And Meet New Friends On One Of Our Forest-Based Elfland Adventures

Don't forget to bring your wellies!

Things could get muddy on the hunt for Eleuia the elf! Especially if you’re splashing in puddles and rolling in leaves!

A Sneak Peek Into Some Of Our Previous Adventures...

Children and woman in woodlands

About Elfland Adventures Nature Programmes


An Elfland Adventure is designed to boost kids’ wellbeing, confidence, resilience and independence. 


On an Elfland Adventure, kids are encouraged to explore their local forest surroundings, reconnect with nature, their environment and each other. They’ll forge strong bonds, develop positive relationships, learn about the importance of protecting nature and each other, and how to practise and prioritise wellbeing techniques that they can take back into daily life. 


All our Elfland Adventures are run by qualified, risk-assessed leaders passionate about ensuring everyone has a positive and enjoyable experience. 


Parents are welcome to come along and enjoy a hot drink and a bite to eat in the on-site cafe.


Explore below for more useful information about our Elfland Adventure sessions and the people and company behind this magical concept.

Elfland Adventures safely takes children into the enchanting setting of Evenley woods, home of The Lost Wish and the first of our locations for Elfland Adventures, and immerses them in nature. Children are supported and encouraged to use their creativity and imagination as they are transported to a magical faraway land using the power of their minds. 


This is the land of The Lost Wish, an inspiring tale by Clare Anderson and Emily Jacobs, a magical place featuring friendly elves, dangerous dragons, flying pixies and talking rats.


Elfland Adventure activity days enable children to go “wild” for a few hours. Depending on the weather, you might be splashing in puddles and making mud pies or creating snow angels. 


Either way, it’s time to ditch the screens and the tech, go outdoors and discover where Eleuia, the guardian of children’s wellness wishes, lives. 

Children are encouraged to reconnect with nature as they experience a guided activity session which includes treasure hunts, trails, arts and crafts and fun, interactive games. 


They will bravely explore the woods on the hunt for the lost elf, Eleuia, send a wish downstream, toast a marshmallow and, who knows, perhaps discover their own inner elf! After all, this is the hidden home of The Lost Wish, a magical and enchanting place where stinky swamps, dream streams and magical creatures exist alongside hard-working elves.


Children can bring a friend or a sibling along or come alone and make new friends. They’ll join experienced Elfland Adventure Leader Jo Aspley as together, imaginations are unlocked, new skills practised and learned and creativity explored.

An Elfland Adventure is designed to educate, inspire and entertain children with its nature-based setting, encouraging them to reconnect with the real world and focus on wellbeing and important elf-care. 


It’s an opportunity for children to be out in the fresh air, increase physical activity, and challenge and develop motor skills. Being outside can also be beneficial for dispersing seasonal bugs and viruses!


They’ll have the opportunity to try out new tasks, which can be hugely rewarding, motivating and confidence-building. Children learn to problem solve and work together to complete various tasks, improving their communication skills. 

Please ensure your child arrives dressed for the weather. Wellies and a warm, waterproof jacket are recommended, especially when exploring the woods during winter. Food is not provided so, please pack a lunch or some snacks for your child. 

It can be hungry work hunting for elves and enjoying a scavenger hunt!

Look out for the Wellbeing Wish Elves of Evenley Woods!

Have you ever wondered where elves go when they’re not making toys? 


How do they rest, relax and unwind from their hectic lives? We all know that elves are around us three-six-five! 


Think they’re just for Christmas? Think again. Elves are everywhere. But you have to believe to see.


Some make mischief, and some make magic, but all have the power to make wellbeing wishes come true, especially for YOU!


If you are lucky, you might just encounter a wellbeing wish elf enjoying their own adventure deep within the woods at Evenley.

Use all your senses and maybe, just maybe, you can magic a wellbeing wish elf to appear in front of you!


Elfland Adventures is the vision of Clare Anderson and her daughter Siena, frequent visitors to Evenley Woods with their loyal dog, Buddy. 


It’s a place they originally discovered during lockdown and somewhere they found quite magical with its huge array of woodland gardens, plants, unusual trees, and shrubs. 


When their family Christmas holiday plans were cancelled due to Covid travel restrictions, Clare was looking for something fun (and local) to do with Siena and a spot on a Christmas-themed event at Evenley opened up. The place just seemed to come alive at that time of the year, and Clare, who was already working on her first children’s festive fantasy adventure book with writer Emily Jacobs, The Lost Wish, thought it would be the most magical setting to bring her vision of Elfland to life. 


The concept grew from there as Elfland Adventures, encouraging children to unlock their imagination through outdoor play and bring the concepts and characters of The Lost Wish to life, began to take shape.


Now a regular fixture in the annual events calendar at Evenley Woods, Clare hopes to encourage more children to be inspired by their local surroundings and to be educated about the importance of protecting our environment through programmes that encourage outdoor learning within a fun elf-themed concept.

Meet Your Elfland Adventure Team!

We work with experienced, talented, inspiring trainers and facilitators to deliver our fun and engaging nature-based sessions.

Jo Aspley

Elfland Adventure Leader

Jo is our Elfland Adventure Leader and mum of 2 mini adventurers. She passionately believes children need to be outside exploring, having adventures, taking risks and being immersed in nature.

Jo is self-employed and currently works with school groups and on community projects. She also leads sessions from small Tots to Teens and then with Adults.

Jo is currently studying with the Therapeutic Forest and has almost completed her ‘Certificate in Therapeutic Skills for Outdoor Leaders’. Jo previously enjoyed a successful career in the world of Theatre, Film and TV Hair, Wigs and Makeup Artist and her credits include Shrek, Lord of the Rings, Hairspray, We Will Rock You, Skyfall and Downton Abbey. Jo loves to be creative and brings this to our Elfland Adventures…. nature art, cooking over the open fire and using tools to create some amazing projects are where you will normally find her!

Jo Aspley

Alison O'Hare

Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager at Evenley Wood Garden, Alison is lucky to work day to day in such beautiful and inspiring surroundings. The power of nature to bring a sense of tranquillity, and connect the human spirit while at the same time enhancing our wellbeing and nourishing the soul is something that Alison deeply appreciates.


On one of their frequent visits to Evenley, Clare and her daughter Siena met Alison. 


Like Alison, they loved the welcoming and family-friendly space and envisaged it as a natural home for a new book concept they were working on, The Lost Wish. 


Like in the book, where each chapter brings hidden treasures and adventures, so too, with the changing seasons, do the magical sights and sounds of Evenley gardens unfold. 


It was the fitting first location for the magical Elfland Adventures to come to life, and Alison looks forward to welcoming more little elves into Evenley Woods.

Michael Calders

Photographer & Videographer

Michael is responsible for a lot of the wonderful photography and videography work on the Elfland Adventures website. 

By his own admission, he’s a laid-back and unconventional photographer who likes nothing more than to combine his passion for his work with having fun. When the opportunity to work with little elves came up, he leapt at the chance. Having a young daughter of his own, Michael says he can relate to the importance of kids enjoying wholesome outdoor adventures and being encouraged to let their creativity run wild and free.

As the concept for Elfland Adventures grows and expands to eventually incorporate party packages, Michaels’s services will be available to capture your little elves’ next big adventure.


Michael is unfortunately unable to join us at all of our adventure days, but if you’d like to enquire about private hire to ensure you have some magical photographs to remember your childs adventure day, then get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

Where Do Elfland Adventures Take Place


Currently located in the beautiful Evenley Woods, more locations will be added to the Elfland Adventures line-up in the coming months.


Set amongst the beautiful rural countryside of Northamptonshire, Evenley Wood Gardens is a glorious outdoor space featuring 60-acres of privately owned woodland garden containing a huge array of plants and unusual trees and shrubs.


It’s a nature and adventure lover’s paradise and the perfect spot to bring the enchanting and magical world of Elfland, home of The Lost Wish, to life.

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Elfland Adventure days will return in Autumn 2023.